Poetic Justice seeks to empower incarcerated women by utilizing poetry to express their feelings and ideas.

This interactive and dynamic class introduces women in Oklahoma to a sense of their own value and eloquence which enables them to change.

At Poetic Justice, we recognize our volunteers in a few capacities:

-Storytelling: We believe that telling the story of incarcerated women and sharing their poetry with the world opens people's minds and hearts.

-Support: Whether it be through a monetary donation or the purchasing of our anthologies and t-shirts, these supporters help to raise the supplies we need to continue our organization

-Time: Through classroom facilitation, executive board work, or event planning, the time poured in from our volunteers is crucial to the success of our organization.

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Every little bit counts

It only takes $25 to get one incarcerated woman through our course, providing her with pencils, paper, graduation certificate upon her completion of the course, and an anthology with her published poems.




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