Poetic Justice




Poetic Justice offers restorative writing workshops to incarcerated women emphasizing voice, hope, and power to change. Our students use transformational communication skills to lead restored, meaningful lives.

We use restorative writing workshops to help women who are experiencing incarceration find a voice, hope, and power to change.


Women who have experienced incarceration use transformative communication skills to lead restored, meaningful lives.


Respect the poet, Respect the potential.


Our History

Does writing have the power to change someone’s life, even someone in prison?

Poetic Justice is a nonprofit organization that facilitates restorative writing classes for incarcerated women in Oklahoma. It began in March of 2014 when Ellen Stackable, an English teacher, and Claire Collins, a spoken word poet, started working with incarcerated women at the Tulsa County Jail.

Poetic Justice classes empower women to change as they engage in self-reflective, therapeutic writing. By using poetry, women who have never written in their lives find the confidence to write from their hearts. The voiceless one finds her voice and with that comes healing, hope, and the power to change.

Since it began, over 1,750 incarcerated women have been a part of the Poetic Justice classes.


What We Do Now

Poetic Justice now has thirty volunteers who lead classes every week for over 150 women-- at the Tulsa County Jail, Mabel Bassett Correctional Center, Eddie Warrior Correctional Center, Turley Correctional Center, and Kate Bernard Correctional Center.


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