Poetic Justice

Voice, Hope, and the Power to Change

Poetic Justice seeks to empower incarcerated women by utilizing poetry to express their feelings and ideas. This interactive and dynamic class introduces women in Oklahoma to a sense of their own value and eloquence which enables them to change. 


Poetic Justice is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization operating in Oklahoma jails and prisons. We offer restorative writing workshops to incarcerated women emphasizing voice, hope, and power to change. Our students use transformational communication skills to lead restored, meaningful lives.



Board of Directors


Ellen Stackable

Executive Director / Member Ex Officio

A graduate of the University of Nebraska, Ellen teaches English at Tulsa School of Arts and Sciences. In 2015, she was one of ten women awarded the Women of the Year Pinnacle Award for women “who are role models in their professions, take risks on behalf of others, perform community service and advocate for women’s issues and concerns.” 

Hanna Al-Jibouri


Hanna is an elementary school teacher in North Tulsa and a Teach for America alum. She received her Bachelors of Arts in Creative Writing with a minor in Gender Studies and her Masters of Science in Reading and Literacy Education. To Hanna, education, specifically literacy, is a powerful and transformational tool that she believes can be life saving.

Board of Advisors

Claire Collins and Ellen Stackable co-founded Poetic Justice in 2014.
Our team also includes:

Rachel Brazelton
Jessica Beresh
Liz Kollaja
Margo Basse
Meg Hickey
Maria Copp
Mary Seabourn
Lacee Rains

Maggie Lepine
Karen Workun
Lily Owens
Kate Forest
Cyndi Lamb
Katy Sanderlin
Sara Haag
Patti Milford